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The deadline for the AOP Student Awards has been extended to 31st March, 5pm.


People: covers any form of people-photography from portraiture to street photography , photojournalism and beyond. It is an opportunity to make visual comments about the human race and its ways. In Previous ‘Portrait’ categories, animal pictures have been featured but the originators of this category feel that entries this year should feature the human race.

Places: Rather than duplicate possible locations such as landscapes and architecture, we offer this category which provides unlimited opportunities. We promise that we will be as flexible as you need us to be.

Things: Covers almost everything else. Think Irving Penn’s gutters, Mapplethorpes flowers, Ori Gersht’s explosions; cats, dogs, bats and monkeys by Tim Flach, and sublime still-lifes by Richard Maxted then make something unique and sensational of your own. We can’t wait to see your work.

– See more at:

Entry Fees:

This year there are only single entries, the charges are

AOP Student Members: £5.50 per image entered

Non-AOP Student Members: £8.25 per image entered

You can find further information here.



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